Russia’s Aeroflot deprives its regular client of privileges due to his criticism in social networks

Aeroflot Airlines, Russia, repeatedly deprived one of its regular customers of privileges due to unflattering feedback on the air carrier’s activities. This time, the businessman, the creator of the Tooligram and the blogger Alexander Sokolovsky, suffered, Kommersant writes.

On his Facebook page, Mr. Sokolovsky said that the airline had canceled all the miles and privileges accumulated under the Aeroflot Bonus Programme due to his Instagram posts.

Mr. Sokolovsky said that in December, the Aeroflot plane, in which he was flying from Moscow to Nice, made an emergency landing in Vienna due to smoke in the passenger cabin. Mr. Sokolovsky was not satisfied with how Aeroflot employees behaved in this situation, and he wrote a critical review in his Instagram using foul language.

In mid-January 2019, Mr. Sokolovsky found out that all the miles he accumulated in the Aeroflot Bonus Programme were canceled. In the Customer Support Center, he was informed that the decision was made because of negative remarks to Aeroflot using profanity.

The Aeroflot’s Press Service told the Kommersant newspaper that the reason for the exclusion of Mr. Sokolovsky from the Programme was concluded in his “boorish and insulting remarks” violating the Rule 7.5 of “Aeroflot Bonus”. However, Aeroflot announced that customers are never excluded from the bonus programme for criticizing the airline.

In November 2018, Aeroflot deprived the Chairman of the Council for the Charitable Foundation “Need Help”, the director of “Such Affairs”, Mitya Aleshkovsky of his Platinum Status in the Aeroflot Bonus Programme, as he published a screenshot of the order to ban airline employees to use smartphones in the offices, accompanying it with a comment about the air carrier’s CEO Vitaly Saveliev. Aeroflot then also referred to the Rule 7.5. Despite the fact that Mr. Aleshkovsky publicly apologized, Aeroflot did not begin to restore his status in the Aeroflot Bonus Programme.

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