TAV GEORGIA: Negotiations with Georgian Ministry of Economy to expand airport in Batumi suspended

The Georgian Minister of Economy announced the expansion of airports in Adjara and Tbilisi, including at new locations, but TAV GEORGIA, the operator of the airports in Tbilisi and Batumi, does not have information about this.

The deputy general manager of the company said bm.ge that in the last period passenger traffic increased, but in terms of their service, the company did not create problems.

Teya Zakaradze, Deputy General Manager, TAV GEORGIA, said, “This year, Tbilisi International Airport provided services to more than 3,800,000 passengers, and almost 600,000 passengers in Batumi. From this point of view, the expansion is more required for Batumi airport. We already have a project, but at this stage negotiation have been suspended from the Ministry of Economy. Presumably, they will resume this year, and we hope that from April-May there will be shifts, and presumably we will start the expansion of the airport in Batumi”.

According to her, the Minister of Economy was really talking about expanding airports. And also there is already a project for the Batumi airport, but they have no information about the construction of airports at new locations.

“I don’t exclude the possibility that the Ministry of Economy has found any new location for the airport in Adjara. I don’t have this information, we haven’t talked about this topic and no other location has been considered,” Mrs. Zakaradze said.

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