The first agricultural drone registered in Georgia

The first drone for agricultural purposes has been registered in the civilian pilotless aircraft registry of the Civil Aviation Agency under the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia.

According to the Civil Aviation Agency, DJI Agras MG-1P (Octocopter) is the operator of an unmanned aerial vehicle named Agricoptery, which, for its part, is an association of Copter startups for agricultural purposes. The maximum take-off and landing weight of the aircraft is 24.8 kg, the maximum flight speed is 15 m/s, and the flight altitude is 2,000 meters from the sea level. This agro-drone is equipped with a falling and high-precision relief radar module and special spraying systems.

Agricultural drones can be used for spraying liquid fertilizers in the air and for air sowing, however, with the help of special sensors that can project spectral images and allow you to analyze and control the structure of the earth and plants.

The first registered agro drone was assigned the identification mark GE-002 by the Civil Aviation Agency.

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