BOEING, AERION to launch the first supersonic business jet

The U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing, in partnership with Aerion, has begun construction of the first commercial supersonic passenger aircraft. It is planned that the Aerion AS2 business jet will make the first flight in 2023, New Atlas writes.

The latest Concorde supersonic passenger aircraft was decommissioned in 2003 – since then, aircraft manufacturers have been trying to create similar aircraft and launch them into commercial production.

Aerion AS2 can carry 12 passengers and fly at a speed of 1.4 Mach (1,671 km/h). Previously, Aerion was developing a business jet with Lockheed Martin, but the partnership was broken for unknown reasons.

It is assumed that the business jet will go into commercial production in 2023, and its sales will begin in 2025.

Earlier, General Electric presented a prototype of a rotary detonation engine that can accelerate aircraft to hypersonic speeds.

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