When will sales of airline tickets begin on FLY ARYSTAN low-cost flights?

Zhenis Kassymbek, Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development, Kazakhstan, told about the launch of the first low-cost airline in Kazakhstan named Fly Arastan.

– In the first half of this year, we plan to launch the first national low-cost airline named Fly Arystan. We plan to launch it in May 2019, the two aircraft are already here in Kazakhstan,” Mr. Kassymbek said at a press conference on Wednesday, February 6.

In total, according to the Minister, the new airline will have four airplanes at the first stage. These are “absolutely new A-320s”.

In the first year of operation, there are plans to transport up to one million passengers at prices two times lower than the ones of Air Astana.

The Minister explained how air ticket prices will be formed from a new air carrier.

– For example, today the average cost of Air Astana tickets in Kazakhstan is around US $ 100 taking into account different destinations. There is a dynamic system for determining the cost of air tickets: you buy one week in advance and there is one price, three days in advance – another price, if you buy it just an hour before departure, of course, it is much higher than it was a week ago. As regards Fly Arystan, we expect the air ticket price to be around US $ 40-45 on average for domestic flights in Kazakhstan. It is really twice lower, than usual airfares across Kazakhstan,” Mr. Kassymbek told.

The airline will work like all low-cost airlines, charging a surcharge for additional services.

– It is clear that the service will be different. For example, if today the purchased air ticket already contains 20 kg of baggage, then Fly Arystan’s one will give you opportunity to carry five kilos. If you want extra luggage, you have to pay for it,” the Minister cited an example.

At the same time, he noted: the ministry understands that Bek Air and SCAT Airlines have lower ticket prices than Air Astana’s ones, but we believe that Fly Arystan will give lower ticket prices than these air companies, which operate in the market.”

– This is all miscalculated. If everything goes in the algorithm in which we asked, I think that at the beginning of March, at the end of April, there will be sales of the first tickets for flights that will be launched in May. Our task is to give an affordable ticket price for citizens of Kazakhstan,” Mr. Kassymbek said.

He also stressed that “no additional money from the budget or other sources or Samruk-Kazyna Fund is planned; this air company will work at the expense of Air Astana”.

The Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development noted that, in general, the civil aviation industry observes a steady growth of indicators. The number of transit passengers increased from 20,000 in 2010 to 900,000 in 2018. It is expected that in 2020 the number of transit passengers will be 1.6 million.

At the same time, he assured, the issues with jet fuel were almost completely resolved. Earlier, airlines referred to the shortage and high cost jet fuel when air ticket prices rose. According to Mr. Kassymbek, 63-65% of aviation fuel in Kazakhstan last year was of Kazakhstan production.

– This year we are giving an application for the need for the year to about 850-900 thousand, the Ministry of Energy confirms to us that they will provide about 80% of jet fuel from Kazakhstani plants. During the year, we expect that this issue will be completely resolved,” the Minister concluded.

Source – https://forbes.kz/

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