Bishkek – Istanbul flight delayed due to technical reasons

The morning Bishkek – Istanbul flight was delayed due to technical problems with the aircraft, passengers reported to

“Today we were supposed to fly to Istanbul at 07:00 am local time. We have been in the airport territory since 05:00 am and have not yet flown. People are angry, hungry, tired, they can’t sleep. Two times, we have already been boarded and then removed from the plane for technical reasons, as the wing began to smoke. We are afraid to get into this plane, but we were told that at 06:00 pm we will board on this plane and depart. The authorities of the airport did not even deign to go down and sort out this situation,” the passengers said.

According to the online flight schedule at the Manas International Airport, the departure of the Pegasus Airlines’ PC701 flight en route Bishkek – Istanbul is now scheduled for 06:30 pm local time. The Manas Internaitonal Airport OJSC confirmed that the flight was delayed for technical reasons.

Manas International Airport told the details of the delay of the morning Bishkek — Istanbul flight.

“The flight of Pegasus airline was postponed to 18.30 due to technical reasons. From 7.00, the flight was postponed twice, some of the passengers got a full refund or tickets to another date with the provision of a hotel. The remaining passengers are now in the sterile area of Manas airport. They have been provided with hot meals,” a representative of the airline told.

Pegasus Airlines assures there was no wing smoke.

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