Why did the passengers of the Almaty – Dubai flight wait for their flight more than a day?

The Kazakhstan’s Almaty International Airport explained the reasons for the delay in flight to Dubai, as its passengers were waiting for departure more than a day, according to the Kazinform News Agency.

The airport in Almaty responded the departure time of the FlyDubai’s Almaty – Dubai flight was postponed four times, for reasons not related to the airport’s operations.

“According to the flight schedule, this flight was supposed to depart from Almaty International Airport at 04:50 am local time on February 6, 2019. With some delay, but the passengers were invited to check-in, they went through it, checked in their luggage, and even took their seats on board the aircraft.

At 09:30 am, they were asked to leave the passenger cabin, as it turned out, the crew’s maximum flight time ended. Departure moved to 10:00 pm due to the “rest of the crew.”

At 04:00 pm, the airport’s dispatching service received a flight transfer notification from the airline to be delayed for technical reasons and operated at 05:05 am on February 7, 2019. It became known that while the passengers were aboard the liner, the crew had already identified the malfunction of the generator,” the Almaty Airport explained.

Re-check-in procedure for the flight opened at 03:00 am and it was completed at 05:30 am local time. Then, the airline transferred the departure time twice more: first, it extended the delay again for technical reasons to 06:50 am, then for the same reason – for another hour. As a result, the boarding on the flight ended at 09:15 am, and at 09:56 am, the aircraft departed from the Almaty International Airport.

“The passengers, who waited so long for departure and did not have the opportunity to fully voice their questions and complaints to the representatives of the airline and get clear explanations of the reasons for such a long flight delay, of course, were outraged. However, it would be incorrect to say that they caused riots at the airport, as was announced in social networks. Having gathered at check-in counters, they did express outrage at the raised tones, creating inconvenience for passengers on other flights and delaying their check-in. Employees of the airport’s Aviation Security Service and representatives of the Linear Police Department reassured the passengers by promptly restoring order in the check-in area of ​​international departures,” the airport added.

The administration of the Almaty International Airport took this incident under control, requesting an official explanation from FlyDubai.

Source – http://lenta.inform.kz/

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