Investigation of aero incident at Kazakhstan’s Astana International Airport completed

The investigation into the incident with the Air Astana’s Airbus-320 aircraft, which rolled out of the runway at the international airport named after Nursultan Nazarbayev in May 2018, was completed, according to the Kazinform News Agency, Kazakhstan.

The investigation commission formed by the Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development found out that “the landing of a plane with a strong side wind caused a serious aviation incident with an Airbus-320 aircraft.” The wind speed at that time was up to 22 meters per second and it dropped sharply to six meters per second after landing.

It is noted that because of the sharply decreased wind speed, the plane began to depart to the right from the axis of the runway, so the crew did not cope with it and allowed the aircraft to roll out of the runway.

Meanwhile, the report lists such irregularities in the crew’s work, as ignoring onboard computer testimony, dispatcher warnings, insufficient interaction between crew members in the aircraft’s cabin, expressed in misunderstanding during the flight in general and during the landing stage of the aircraft, in particular. At the end of the document it is noted: “to consider the issue of revoking the civil aviation pilots’ recognition of their foreign certificates”.

It is also reported that there were no any comments on the technical condition of the aircraft at the Shymkent airport, the aircraft was technically sound and operational.

More detailed information is displayed in the Final Report on the results of this investigation.

Recall, the Air Astana’s Airbus-320 with its registration number P4-KVV was operating its flight number KS352 flying from Shymkent to the airport in Astana on May 22, 2018. When landing onto the Astana International Airport’s runway, this plane rolled out of the runway.

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