Unprecedented snowfall in Almaty: how the airport works

The Almaty International Airport, Kazakhstan, made a statement on the eve of another snowfall, which is expected in the city.

Recall, an abnormally heavy snowfall recently occurred in the southern capital city of Kazakhstan, namely on the night of February 5 – 6, 2019, when 20 centimeters of snow fell in the city, which is a quarter of the usual February norm.

The airport recalled that, despite the difficult conditions, the airport operated normally due to over-recruitment of workers: the runways and the station area were promptly cleared of snow, all liners were processed with anti-icing fluid before departure.

It also reported there was a sufficient amount of equipment in the airport, using which during adverse weather conditions, the airport’s normal operations were ensured. Thus, the airport has nine de-icing machines and more than a dozen snowplows of various modifications.

At the same time, the airport outlined the priorities for servicing the aircraft, saying that they would serve primarily passenger and cargo aircraft for the sake of safety and compliance with the flight schedule.

“In this connection, the Almaty International Airport apologizes to business aircraft for possible delays in their service,” the statement reads.

The Almaty International Airport has a higher category III B ICAO and is ready to take liners even if visibility is reduced down to 75 meters if the same category exists for the crew and its aircraft.

Source – https://ru.sputniknews.kz/

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