Kazakh Ministry of Energy comments on the jet fuel prices

Bolat Akchulakov, Vice-Minister of Energy, Kazakhstan, spoke about the current situation with jet fuel in Kazakhstan and commented on its prices, according to the Kazinform News Agency.

“Last year, we produced about 300,000 metric tons of aviation kerosene with our consumption of 630,000 metric tons. This is almost half the volume, as the rest was imported from the Russian Federation. We were ready to produce last year, but it took us half a year to certify the fuel, and this is the IATA requirement. Last year, these works were completed,” he said, speaking at an expanded meeting of the Senate Committee of the Parliament of Kazakhstan.

Mr. Akchulakov informed that this year according to the plan 694,000 metric tons of aviation kerosene will be produced with domestic consumption of 630-650 thousand. “If consumption increases, we left the option of importing up to 300,000 metric tons of aviation kerosene from the Russian Federation for unforeseen circumstances,” he explained.

At the same time, the Vice-Minister of Energy stressed that an increase in the production of jet fuel is impossible without the production of products such as gasoline, diesel and fuel oil. “Therefore, having a huge supply of gasoline (Au 92, 95) available today, it is simply impossible to produce jet fuel separately. We’ll have to make the whole chain. As soon as we establish the possibility of export, we will look at the markets, we may be able to increase production a little more at the three basic factories. But this is enough for now,” he said.

Mr. Akchulakov also said that the ministry does not monitor margins on jet fuel, on logistics after leaving the factories. “We are fully engaged in quotes. In fact, selling prices from factories, including all taxes – about US $ 650 per metric ton, maximum 700, excluding transport “shoulders”, delivery to airports. This price is normal, competitive and the same as in the Russian Federation. But we don’t see the question of the transport “shoulder,” what happens next,” he concluded.

Source – http://lenta.inform.kz/

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