The first agricultural unmanned aircraft registered in Georgia

The first agricopter (agricultural unmanned aircraft) is registered in the Civilian Unmanned Aircraft Register, Georgia. Agricopter LLC, Georgia, is the owner of this unmanned aerial vehicle of DJI Agras MG-1P (Octocopter) model.

The Agricopter company has already offered its agricopter to help Georgian farmers. According to Georgy Daneliya, the co-founder of Agricopter LLC, the company, which includes both drone pilots and agronomists, will not rent the drone, but is willing to carry out agricultural work for farmers using it.

George Danelia told EastFruit, the use of such agricopter allows, in particular, to effectively process various annual and perennial crops with pesticides, herbicides, and also to spray liquid fertilizers. According to Mr. Danelia, with the help of agricopter, equipped with the so-called intelligent dispersion system, you can also sow seeds of a certain size.

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