About 300 passengers cannot fly from Almaty to Thailand for almost a day

290 passengers of SCAT Airlines’ flight VSV – 5051 en route Almaty, Kazakhstan – Phuket, Thailand, could not fly from the Almaty International Airport for almost a day.

According to the passengers themselves, the flight was supposed to take off at 05:20 am local time, then it was transferred several times, and after that it was completely postponed indefinitely.

“At the end of last year, my wife and I decided to go to Thailand. According to the plan, at five in the morning they were supposed to take off, but the departure was postponed several times. First they said that we were going to fly at 08:00 am, then at 03:00 pm, and now they have postponed until 11:00 pm. There are over 150 of us, including at least 30 from Kyrgyzstan. The airline, after loud demand from passengers, placed us in a hotel near the airport,” said one of the passengers.

Tourists were informed that Thailand’s airport could not take the aircraft due to repairs.

“Later it turned out that the plane was not technically ready. This delay base is haunted. We could give up on everything and fly back to Astana, but we want to go on vacation at sea, as we planned,” he added.

According to SCAT, the delay in departure of the Almaty – Phuket flight is still connected with the closure of the runway at Phuket airport.

“160 people are accommodated in a hotel near the airport, they have been provided with everything they need. The rest decided to return and spend the night at home. The airline apologizes for the inconvenience and asks to treat the situation with understanding,” SCAT Airlines reported.

Passengers of the delayed flight will be provided with compensation at the air company’s expense.

As regards the flight departure, SCAT Airlines added that passengers will be notified as soon as they are given access to the landing at the airport in Thailand.

A little later, SCAT Airlines reported that some of the passengers flew out on the night of February 14. The second group will travel to Thailand this afternoon. At the same time, passengers will take off on another aircraft.

“Yesterday at 10:00 pm the airline received permission to fly to Phuket airport. When conducting pre-flight preparation, the need for additional maintenance has arisen. The air company decided to replace the aircraft with a reserve one. 186 passengers flew to Phuket at 11:00 pm the day before, another 104 people took off on February 15 at 02:00 pm. The airline apologizes to passengers of the delayed flight for any inconvenience. Passenger safety is our priority,” SCAT Airlines noted.

The airline explained why they had to separate the passengers. The reserved aircraft was unable to accommodate all 290 passengers.

“The capacity of the first reserved aircraft is 186 passenger seats. In this regard, two planes are involved for sending passengers,” the air company added.

Source – http://lenta.inform.kz/

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