Bombardier forecasts its revenue increase in 2019

In 2018, Bombardier delivered 137 business jets, one less than a year earlier. In 2019, the manufacturer expects to transfer 150-155 business jets to its customers, as it intends to increase production of its flagship Global 7500s, company representatives said at a quarterly conference call for investors.

Last year, customers received 12 Learjet 70/75s, 60 Challenger 350s, 23 Challenger 650s, 41 Global 5000/6000s and one Global 7500, as compared to 14 Learjets, 79 Challengers including 56 Challenger 350s, 21 Challenger 650s and two Challenger 850s and 45 Global 5000/6000s in 2017.

Thanks to more “strict prices” on airplanes and an increase in sales in the secondary market by 14.3%, last year Bombardier Business Aircraft revenues grew by US $ 61 million up to US $ 4.994 billion, and profits increased by US $ 36 million and achieved US $ 430 million. According to the forecast companies, Bombardier Business Aircraft’s revenue is expected to reach about US $ 6.25 billion this year and US $ 8.5 billion the next year mainly due to the increased supply of the Global 7500s and the commissioning of the updated Global 5500s and 6500s this year.

Earlier this week, Bombardier reported receiving a type certificate for a new business jet Global 7500 from European Aviation Authorities (EASA). Now the flagship Bombardier can be supplied to customers from countries of the European Union. EASA approval followed the certification of Transport Canada in September last year and the FAA USA in November 2018. The plane officially entered into service on December 20 last year.

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