Emirates Airlines signs contract to purchase 70 Airbuses

Emirates Airlines has confirmed the deal with the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus for the purchase of 70 passenger aircraft.

As part of the transaction, one of the world’s largest air company will receive 40 new Airbus A330-900s and 30 A350-900s. Emirates will replenish its fleet of passenger aircraft in the period from 2021 to 2024. Emirati news publication Al-Emirate Al-Yauma reports that the amount of the contract comes to US $ 22 million.

Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Executive Director of the Emirates Group, said that the airline continues to adhere to the current development strategy aimed at maintaining a modern aircraft fleet. He also stressed that the acquisition of new aircraft will diversify the air company’s fleet, as well as contribute to develop a flexible air route network to better serve passengers.

Al Maktoum noted that Airbus A330-900s will serve the current regional destinations with departure from the UAE, while Airbus A350-900s will be mainly involved for long-haul flights.

Source – https://regnum.ru/

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