The most comfortable place in the plane determined

One has named places on the plane, which are the most convenient. An experienced tourist identified them.

An experienced traveler told about the most comfortable places on the plane. According to journalist John Burfitt, he made conclusions about this during his long flight from Sydney to Los Angeles.

This was the flight when the journalist did not rest on. The passenger behind him kicked his chair. When he went to the toilet, he noticed that only those passengers who were sitting on the last row looked awake and rested. Therefore, he came to the conclusion that these places on the plane are the most comfortable. After this incident, Mr. Burfitt always book only these places.

“No one can kick the backseat. You are hidden, so you will never be hit by a flight attendant with her trolley, you will not encounter passengers when they are passing by,” Mr. Burfitt said.

In addition, when you sit on your seat in the last row of the aircraft you can sleep very comfortably. You have only to lean against the corner of the wall. And your headphones or earplugs will save from any sounds from the toilet, Escape writes.

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