Next EU-Azerbaijan talks on aviation agreement expected in March

Discussions on the EU-Azerbaijan cooperation in air transportation are expected during an upcoming meeting the next month, Director-General for Mobility and Transport (MOVE) of the European Commission Henrik Hololei said at a briefing Feb. 19, Trend reports.

He said that on Feb. 19 evening, the progress in preparations for signing an aviation agreement will become known.

Informal discussions on this issue continue, he said.

Based on the agreements reached, the parties will decide on the next round of the negotiations, he noted.

The next meeting may take place the next month, he said.

Hopefully, positive results will be achieved, he added.

Mr. Hololei noted that for now, it isn’t worth going into details regarding the topics to be discussed.

The details are of technical nature, he said.

It is important that the parties are satisfied with the outcome of the negotiations, he added.

In his opinion, the negotiations will end this year, adding that the quality is far more important, therefore, there is no need to hurry.

In general, the parties show interest, and where there is a will, there are also solutions, Hololei said.

Creation of a common aviation area is an initiative of the European Commission and aims to open and integrate aviation markets. This will lead to new opportunities for consumers and operators, and, most importantly, to high standards in terms of flight safety as well as air traffic management.

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