Will Turkmenistan Airlines resume its flights to the EU in 2-3 months?

On February 19, 2019 the ‘Chronicles of Turkmenistan’ received a message signed by Nurly Esenov, the chief engineer of Turkmenistan Airlines.

The report says that the airline hopes to fulfill all EASA requirements within two to three months.

Here is the full text:

Indeed, Lufthansa Consulting supports us in achieving compliance with the requirements imposed on foreign airlines – third-country operators (EASA TCO). We hope that in 2-3 months we will be able to meet the relevant EASA requirements and therefore we take this issue very seriously. Our airline is aware of the need for an immediate response, so we decided to cooperate with German aviation experts to assess the current situation and develop a corrective action plan.


Nurly Esenov

Turkmenistan Airlines Chief Engineer

Telephone: +993 65 56 29 03

Fax: +993 12 23 52 04


Since the form does not require confirmation of the specified email address of the sender in order to contact the editors of ‘Chronicles of Turkmenistan’, another person could write this message. We tried to contact Mr. Esenov to confirm the accuracy of the information, but there was no answer.

Recall that on February 4, 2019 the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) blacklisted Turkmenistan Airlines (“Türkmenhowayollary”) and banned flights for its aircraft both to EU countries and transit flights over the territory of the European Union.

Source – https://www.hronikatm.com/

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