IATA: air transportation safety decreased slightly in the world in 2018

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has published its commercial airway safety statistics in 2018. The data show a slight increase in the number of accidents, as compared to 2017, according to Interfax.

According to IATA, the rate of all accidents, measured in accidents per one million flights, was 1.35 last year, which is equivalent to one accident for every 740 thousand flights. This is better than the indicator of 1.79 for the previous 5-year period (2013-2017), but worse than the record indicator of 2017 – 1.11.

The coefficient of major accidents (measured in the crashed aircraft that cannot be recovered, per one million flights) was 0.19, which corresponds to one major accident for every 5.4 million flights. On the one hand, it is better than the 2013-2017 figure. (0.29), but not as good as in 2017, when the indicator was at the level of 0.12.

In total, according to IATA, there were 11 fatal accidents last year, 523 passengers and crew members were killed. In 2017, six fatal accidents and 19 casualties occurred in the industry, which was a record low. In addition, one accident in 2017 led to the death of 35 people on the ground.

Alexander de Juniac, CEO, IATA, said, “Last year, about 4.3 billion passengers safely used 46.1 million flights. 2018 was not an extraordinary year, as the previous one, however, the flight is safe, and the data tells us that it is becoming safer.”

Source – https://www.aex.ru/

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