Tbilisi aircraft factory workers go on strike

The Georgian Aviation Plant named Tbilaviamsheni, which manufactures and repairs military aircraft, has suspended its work. Several dozens of employees of Tbilaviamsheni JSC have gone on strike and are holding a protest action in front of the building of this aircraft factory, as they demand higher wages and the introduction of a bonus system.

The history of Tbilaviamsheni originates from the Second World War. Today it is owned by the state and is mainly engaged in the production and repair of military aircraft and military products.

Today, the salary of the workers of this aircraft factory varies from GEL 500 to GEL 1,200 (about US $187 – 448). The strikers demand an increase in the minimum salary to GEL 1,000 (more than US $ 343) plus allowances.

“Before you, the team of Tbilaviamsheni is represented, which began to strike in connection with several requirements. The first is an adequate increase in salaries, which will correspond to the work done. And the second is the implementation of the bonus system, which the employer promised us directly. This is not done. We resorted to extreme measures precisely because of this,” the aircraft engineer Otar Bakhtadze told reporters.

According to him, negotiations with the company’s management, with the inclusion of the mediator of the ministry of persons displaced from the occupied territories of Georgia, labour, health care and social protection, did not produce any results.

Mr. Bakhtadze noted that representatives of various industries and trade unions expressed their support for the strikers.

Currently, the plant is suspended. In total, the company has more than one hundred employees. The morning shift is currently on strike.

“Protesters are planning to strike until all their demands are met,” Mr. Bakhtadze said.

Source – https://sputnik-georgia.ru/

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