To meet the spring with FlyArystan. The Kazakhstan’s first domestic low-cost airline prepares to start sales

With great impatience, Kazakhstan residents are awaiting information on the start of sales and the start of FlyArystan’s flights. Zhanar Zhaylauova, director of marketing and sales, FlyArystan Airlines, tells about the current state of affairs, personnel issues and the secret of a successful leader on the eve of March 8.

– Zhanar, when will this happen, what is the percentage of readiness?

– Since the low-cost model of work is completely different from the work of full-service airlines, the introduction of this air company to the market is a long-term process requiring technical support from the organizations involved. The main points on the distribution of sales have already been completed, but, as in any new project, there are still a lot of details that we are currently finalizing. Flights will begin in May 2019, we will announce the date of the start of sales within the next month, let it be a surprise for our passengers. In the meantime, passengers have a great opportunity to find out first about the start of sales by registering on our official website

– Whose experience did FlyArystan use?

– FlyArystan will present the classic low-cost airline model, following examples of successful airlines, such as Easyjet, Indigo, Cebu Pacific and Air Asia.

– Tell us about your future employees. Who and what services besides flight crew do you recruit?

– Currently, there is a recruitment of employees in the passenger service center. We are looking for both advanced professionals and novice specialists, true enthusiasts, who will be at the forefront of creating a company and creating a history of a completely new project for the country. Especially in the Year of Youth, we encourage young people to start a career with us.

– How do you see them?

– One of the values ​​for FlyArystan is multi functionality, for example, let consider the Passenger Service Center. For impeccable quality service, employees must see and understand the entire journey of the passenger, from booking a ticket to check-in and boarding. Thus, our employees, having passed the appropriate training, will be of a kind universal, performing work in several directions in the field of passenger service.

– And if we talk about the flight crew, how complete is the crew? Where and how do you train flight attendants?

– The training of flight attendants is identical to the training process of Air Astana. The practical part of the security takes place in Frankfurt. Also, flight attendants receive service training, specifically designed for low-cost models with the specifics of service on board, including sales on board. At the moment we have completed 2 groups of 30 new flight attendants and 12 experienced flight attendants from Air Astana, and in August a new group will be recruited with an increase in frequency and the opening of new routes. As for the pilots, now they are recruiting. We expect some of the pilots to take from Air Astana.

– What will be the shape of the crew? Who developed the design, and who was engaged in tailoring?

– The uniform of the crew corresponds to the style of the brand – bright and catchy, sustained in the colours of the logo. The design was developed by the FlyArystan team. It was a truly lively process in which every employee of our team took part. It was a real vote. First of all, we were guided by convenience and practicality in determining the design of a uniform. As for the choice of supplier for tailoring, it was an open competition, where everyone could take part. The local Kazakhstan company is engaged in tailoring.

– What will be the price range for FlyArystan?

– The prices will be affordable and several times lower than the current prices of Air Astana.

– Where and how can Kazakhstan residents buy their air tickets? How much time in advance do you need to “catch” the lowest rates?

– Tickets can be purchased on the official website,, in the contact center of the airline, which will be activated after the start of sales, and in travel agencies of the city.

– On the eve of March 8 it would be interesting to know your story. You are the marketing and sales director – how did you get to FlyArystan?

– In 2006, I started as a sales specialist for European destinations of Air Astana, and since then for the past 13 years I have been working in the sales and marketing department at various sites, including director positions in both Kazakhstan and in foreign representative offices of the airline.

– What are the pros and cons of work in this area?

– In marketing and sales, the main task is to influence consumer behavior in a particular country in the direction of choosing our airline. Each country is special, its market requirements are everywhere, and success may not always be at the expected level. The advantage is that we, as an airline, study and discover the cultures of different countries, give us the opportunity to travel. The classic model of the FlyArystan low-cost airline is something new for Kazakhstani passengers, it has its own difficulties in introducing and accepting differences from the full-cycle airline, which is Air Astana, but at the same time it’s nice to represent something completely new and different.

– What do you think is the secret of a successful female leader?

– I think there is no secret. It doesn’t matter whether you are a woman or a man, success is no accident, it’s all the result of continuous work. Purposefulness and work for me are the main drivers of success.

– What qualities should a woman leader have?

– All the same as a man, due to the fact that, regardless of gender, the leader faces the same tasks, but I would add a couple of qualities, such as stress resistance and focus on the final result.

– Finally, I would like to hear your wishes in honour of the holiday.

– Dear women, on behalf of FlyArystan Airlines, we congratulate you on International Women’s Day! We wish you love in your hearts, wonderful mood and wonderful well-being!

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