Business aviation for every day: closed demonstration of HondaJet and AW119KX, the latest aviation technology, held in triumph in Kazakhstan

The Aim of Emperor and Exclases Group, which are the official distributors of HondaJet aircraft and Leonardo helicopters, respectively, organized the first joint indoor display of the latest light aircraft – HondaJet and AW119Kx.

The presentation of a compact business jet and a single-engine helicopter took place from 14 to 16 March at the Almaty International Airport and caused a lively reaction and interest from representatives of large and medium-sized businesses of the Republic of Kazakhstan. According to the organizers, the show was visited by over 50 potential customers and media representatives.

“Today, a unique HondaJet aircraft was viewed with partners, and this is probably the best option for organizing aerotaxi business in Kazakhstan,” one of the guests of the presentation shared his impressions.

HondaJet and AW119Kx were chosen for display in Kazakhstan not by chance. Both of these aircraft belong to the class of light small aircraft. Due to their small size and low cost of operation, they are ideal tools for a business whose owners can count costs and value time. As the economy of Kazakhstan approaches the developed countries of the West in terms of the level of development and business culture, more and more entrepreneurs see the need to respond quickly to a dynamically changing environment. And this implies a high transport mobility, which in the conditions of the extended territory and the shortage of direct flights, it is impossible to imagine without small business jets and light gas turbine helicopters. Do not forget about the continuously growing oil industry, due to the presence in Kazakhstan of the Kashagan oil and gas field, which is the leader among the oil fields all over the world in terms of estimated reserves. Helicopter transportation in Kazakhstan occupies one of the most important places in the country’s economy. For this reason, large oil and gas companies rely on a modern helicopter fleet that meets high safety requirements on the one hand, and efficiency on the other. The main requirements for helicopters performing maintenance of offshore drilling platforms in the interests of the oil and gas industry are reliability, safety, range, all-weather capability, the ability to perform night flights and great loading capabilities – all these are distinctive features of Leonardo helicopters.

The newest light aircraft HondaJet manufactured by the Japanese company Honda Aircraft is a business jet for every day. Its original design with engines mounted above the wing, unmistakably guessed in the sky and on the ground. Powerful power plants and a lightweight composite fuselage provide an impressive climb rate – the HondaJet rises to 1,220 meters per minute – this is the height of the three towers of the Abu Dhabi Plaza. The aircraft accommodates 5 passengers and is certified to control 1 pilot. HondaJet develops cruising speed comparable to large commercial liners, up to 777 km / h with a practical range of more than 2,200 km. The business jet is equipped with the most advanced navigation complex Garmin G3000 with a “glass cockpit” of pilots, equipped with three 14-inch displays with full touch controls. Passengers will be pleasantly surprised by a full-fledged toilet cabin with an elegant cobalt-blue washbasin; there is no such separate room not only in the “classmates”, but also in the higher class aircraft. The HondaJet has a roomy luggage compartment, which is even more spacious than in larger business jets.

The AW119Kx Italian helicopter is the fastest light single-engine helicopter in the world with the largest cabin in its class. In a spacious cabin with an elegant interior can freely, and most importantly separate from the luggage compartment, which is considered a rarity among helicopters of this class, accommodate six passengers. Private owners and corporate customers choose the AW119Kx helicopter because of the unique combination of efficiency and style, high speed (up to 260 km/h in cruising mode), high efficiency and wide opportunities for use in various fields. The spacious, conveniently located luggage compartment holds up to 150 kg of luggage. This rotary-wing machine offers a signature combination of exceptional flight characteristics and luxurious finishes for which Leonardo helicopters are famous. AW119Kx is equipped with the latest integrated Garmin G1000H avionics, providing an unrivaled level of situational awareness. The helicopter is equipped with a skid landing gear and has all the safety characteristics typical of light twin-engine helicopters. With the largest cabin among single-engine helicopters, AW119Kx makes it easy to change the configuration and perform various special tasks: cargo and passenger transportation, medical evacuation, law enforcement, maintenance of offshore drilling platforms and many others.

AIM OF EMPEROR is a diversified group of companies that is a dealer of HondaJet aircraft (Authorized Sales Representatives of HondaJet). The group sells the latest innovative Japanese business jet to the Russian and CIS markets. Aim of Emperor is also represented in the business aviation market by the management company Emperor Aviation, a charter broker on the organization of flights on business jets LL Jets, a division on buying / selling business jets LIS Trading Group. The group of companies employs over 150 employees from 10 countries of the world who are involved in the offices of Aim of Emperor in Moscow, Birkirkara (Malta), Almaty, London and Amsterdam.

Exclases Group has been the exclusive distributor of Leonardo Helicopters in Russia and the CIS for over 10 years. Exclases is a professional team of more than 25 top managers involved in the sale and promotion of Leonardo helicopters, as well as the supply of equipment and services for operators, thereby ensuring full customer support in the market. Leonardo is a leading global helicopter manufacturer. Leonardo Helicopters manufactures and maintains helicopters for private and public customers, provides passenger services, emergency services, law enforcement agencies, representatives of oil and gas and other mining companies, VVIP and VIP customers, and actively develops the direction of traffic in harsh climatic conditions. Production centers are located in Italy, UK, USA and Russia.

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