IAC: The number of air crashes victims in the countries of the former USSR increased more than twice in 2018

The number of air crash victims in the countries of the former USSR more than doubled in 2018, to 164 people, the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) stated in its report.

The report is devoted to the state of flight safety in 2018 among the participants of the Interstate Civil Aviation Agreement, which includes 12 countries that were part of the USSR. It says about the increase in the number of air crash victims of from 74 to 164 people. At the same time, the total number of accidents (58) did not change for the year, the number of disasters even decreased from 32 to 25.

The overwhelming number of incidents registered in Russia, and here there is a negative trend. Over the year, the number of accidents in the country increased from 39 to 42, disasters from 20 to 22, the number of victims increased from 51 to 128 people.

According to the IAC, the steady dynamics of deterioration in aviation accidents since 2014 has been observed in the operation of heavy aircraft with a take-off weight of more than 10 metric tons. The relative safety indicator of flights on heavy transport aircraft for all types of aviation traffic is slightly worse than the indicator of 2017 and significantly worse than the indicators of 2014 and 2015.

Over the past year, six accidents with heavy aircraft occurred in the airlines of the countries participating in the Agreement. The IAC also records a sharp increase in problems with helicopter technology: the number of accidents increased from 11 to 17 cases, disasters from four to 10, and victims from 14 to 49 people. The number of accidents and disasters during the operation of light and ultralight aircraft, on the contrary, decreased: 11 accidents and four disasters against 14 accidents and eight disasters in 2017, however, the death toll in them increased from 21 to 23 people.

According to the IAC’s preliminary estimates, the cause of 75% of accidents in 2018 included the human factor. The IAC noted that insufficient control of the authorized civil aviation authorities leads to the continuation of the practice of operating an aircraft with expired or lack of obligatory documents. The IAC considers it necessary to introduce additional organizational and technical procedures for the recovery of aircraft after accidents to obtain a certificate of airworthiness for single aircraft instances.

The IAC also recommended aviation administrations to create an effective system of rapid response to the recommendations of the Accident Investigation Commission in connection with the occurrence of accidents for the same reasons. The IAC considers it necessary to develop targeted comprehensive programs on all aspects of the human factor’s impact on flight safety, since the percentage of incidents with its manifestation does not decrease.

Source – https://www.aex.ru/

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