Prices for Turkmenistan Airlines’ international flights doubled

The Chronicles of Turkmenistan reports that the cost of tickets for Turkmenistan Airlines’ flights has doubled.

If earlier tickets to Turkey (roundtrip air service) cost about TM 3,000 (Turkmen Manat – US $1 = TM 18.5), now the cost of a flight in economy class has reached TM 7,000, and a ticket for the business class will cost TM 8,000.

Information on prices for other destinations will be added later.

During the last month, it was almost impossible to buy a ticket at the air ticket sales offices, the Chronicles of Turkmenistan reported. The size of a bribe to buy such a ticket reaches TM 2,000.

One of the women who was going to work in Istanbul said that she had to spend 12 days in the airport in Ashgabat to buy her tickets. According to her, a lot of people cannot get through the air ticket sales office at the airport. In spite of the fact that from every flight departing to Turkey, 20-30 people are charged, it is impossible to buy tickets for those who did not fly away.

“For 12 days, I spent TM 700 on food from the money that I had on tickets. Now I have found an intermediary, but now I have to go home to Kushka in order to borrow some more money,” the lady told the Chronicles of Turkmenistan.

Addition 1. It was not possible to get information by calling the air ticket sales offices listed on the official website of the Ashgabat International Airport. The lines are either busy or they do not answer calls.

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