List of updated prices for Turkmenistan Airlines’ international flights

The Chronicle of Turkmenistan has received a new price list for international flights of Turkmenistan Airlines.

“There may be some changes in the ratio of the air ticket price in US Dollars and Euros at the time of purchase, due to the transition to electronic tickets. Ugry – destination; Möhleti – class; Gigiş – the first segment of the flight; Gaýdyş – the second segment of the flight; Jemi – total; Bizness – business class; Ekanom / Ekenom – economy class.

The Chronicle of Turkmenistan found out in the Ashgabat air ticket sales office that prices are already in place and, according to Azatlyk Radio, a price increase has been expected since mid-May 2019. The representative office of Turkmenistan Airlines in Russia admitted that they themselves do not know what is happening.

Recall that the day before it became aware of a twofold increase in prices for Turkmenistan Airlines’ air tickets.

Addition. Immediately after publication, it became known from one of the employees of the Ashgabat International Airport that there was no any order yet regarding air ticket prices. However, it is almost impossible now to buy air tickets neither at old nor at new prices.

There is information according to which new prices have been valid since May 2, 2019.

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