Georgian Civil Aviation Agency works on new amendments relating to airlines and paragliders

The Civil Aviation Agency plans to amend the order “On the approval of flight rules in the airspace of Georgia”.

The purpose of the amendment is to define the visual flights rules (VFR) in the airspace of Georgia, as well as to establish rules for night flights. The project also establishes additional rules for flying over a city or a closely populated area.

In addition, in order to ensure the safety of civilian flights, a new article is added to the existing rules, which defines the rules for paragliding in the airspace of Georgia: during the flight on a paraglider, threats to people, property and aircraft must be minimized.

With regard to prohibitions, it is prohibited to throw objects or spray substances from a paraglider, and the flight should be performed near the clouds horizontally and vertically for a distance of less than 1000 feet and in visibility conditions less than 3 km.

The amendments are designed to meet European requirements.

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