Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport publishes chronology of the accident with SSJ100 plane

The Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport has published chronology of the accident with the SSJ-100 aircraft and the activities of airport’s rescue teams.

Airport fire brigades and rescue teams arrived at the scene in 1 minute – ahead of government regulatory requirements

May 05, 2019

Based on the data of airport’s management systems and radio data negotiations (Moscow time):

06:02 pm – Flight SU1492 of Aeroflot Airlines departed along the route Moscow. Sheremetyevo – Murmansk.

06:12 pm – The pilot reported to the ATM dispatcher that the crew made a decision to return to the airport of departure due to radio communication failure.

06:13 pm – The pilot reiterated to the air traffic controller about the loss of radio communication and, in addition, about the loss of automatic control of the aircraft.

06:14 pm – The Flight Director informed the Chief of Sheremetyevo Airport Shift about the return of flight SU1492. The cause of it, according to the pilot’s report: the radio communication failure and the loss of the automatic control of the aircraft; the approach and landing of the aircraft in normal mode.

06:30 pm – Landing on the runway 24L. After landing the fire has appeared.

06:31 pm – “Alarm” was declared by the Flight Director of Sheremetyevo Airport.

06:31 pm – Evacuation slides are released, the evacuation of passengers from the aircraft is carried out by the crew.

06:32 pm – Arrival of the first fire brigade of the Sheremetyevo Airport Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting department (hereinafter referred to as ARFF), the start of firefighting.

06:32 pm – Arrival of the second fire brigade of the ARFF, rescue and evacuation of passengers and crew members by the ARFF teams.

06.33 pm – Arrival of additional 4 brigades of ARFF.

06:35 pm – Rescuers of the airport’s ARFF entered the burning aircraft.

06:48 pm – Fire is completely extinguished.

Note: according to RPASOP GA-91, the standard arrival time of Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting crews is 3 minutes from the moment the Alarm call is announced.

Sheremetyevo rescue crew at the scene involved:

  • 26 rescuers on 6 airfield fire trucks
  • 1 additional backup ARFF was used to create a reserve of extinguishing agent.
  • 1 car gas and smoke protection service (GDZS) to create links of GDZS to extinguish the fire inside the fuselage and conduct rescue operations.
  • 4 ambulances.
  • 73 metric tons of fire extinguishing composition of which 6.5 metric tons of frothier agent.

The legal and professional assessment of the activities of all persons involved in this event will be given by the Investigative Committee of Russia and the Interstate Aviation Committee.

Investigators are considering several versions of what happened at Sheremetyevo Airport. They include insufficient qualifications of pilots, dispatchers and persons who conducted technical inspection of the plane; aircraft malfunction; adverse weather conditions.

Flight recorders (black boxes) of the ignited SSJ-100 were removed from the plane. The Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) began deciphering the parametric recorder, RT reports.

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