Australian pilot lost consciousness, and plane was flying 40 minutes on its own

In Australia, the intern pilot lost consciousness, and the plane was flying on its own during 40 minutes, ABC reported with reference to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB).

The pilot operated a single flight from Port Augusta Airport to Adelaide’s Parafield Airport. According to the ATSB, on the eve of the flight, the intern slept poorly at night, and for breakfast he ate only a bar of chocolate. In addition, shortly before that, he had a cold.

Sensing a headache, the pilot set the autopilot. The dispatchers tried to communicate with him, but they managed to do it as soon as the pilot came to his senses, flying over the ocean.

Despite what had happened, the pilot, with the help of dispatchers, landed successfully in Parafield.

The flight school in Adelaide, where the pilot was trained, intends to take action after the incident. In particular, before the flight, students will be obliged to report the time of their last sleep and meal.

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