Turkmenistan: Airfare remaines the same, but air tickets are not available for several months ahead

Over the past few days, the network has been spreading information about a twofold increase in prices for air tickets for international flights operating by Turkmenistan Airlines. Moreover, allegedly official orders and tariffs circulating on websites and social networks do not have any seals of state bodies or signatures of responsible persons, and there are spelling errors in the spelling.

The editors of the turkmen.news edition got through (with great difficulty!) to the main air services agency in Ashgabat and found out that the prices for international flights remained the same. For example, a round-trip economy class air ticket to Moscow at an annual rate costs TM 3,120 (approximately US $ 164), but there are no empty passenger seats (including business class seats) until early October 2019.

The same price is valid on the Ashgabat, Turkmenistan – Istanbul, Turkey – Ashgabat air route. Empty seats are available on dates after the 20th of August. The editors have audio recording of the conversation with the cashier of that agency. The source of the previous prices for air tickets was also reported by the source of tukrmen.news in Dashoguz, Turkmenistan.

Earlier, one of the readers said that on Saturday, May 4, a scandal occurred in the metropolitan air communications agency. Allegedly, several dozen passengers began to resent the increased prices. After that, the manager “came out to the people” and promised that they would cancel the price increase. However, on the same day, the sale of air tickets was allegedly suspended, and the ban is still in effect.

Information about the scandal in the agency to confirm from other sources failed. Based on a telephone conversation between turkmen.news and a cashier, the sale of air tickets is carried out as usual.

There are various rumors about air tickets in Ashgabat. Some say that the promotion will take effect from the beginning of June, others – that, in this way, the authorities have decided to get rid of the need to overpay for tickets. Currently, in order to buy an air ticket on the desired date, passengers need to overpay up to half the cost for a round-trip air ticket.

Source – https://turkmen.news/

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