Director of private airfield in Almaty region hit the run after air crash

The Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development (MIID), Kazakhstan, told about the consequences for the private airfield named Azem after the Tecnam-P2002-JF aircraft crash in 2017, according to the Kazinform News Agency, Kazakhstan.

“This is a private airfield and we cannot interfere in business activities. It is closed for flight training after that incident. There can be flights on small aircraft. The mountain airfield itself is complicated. We need an experienced pilot who can correct the flight,” said Nurlan Zhumasultanov, Manager, Incidents Investigation Department, MIID, Kazakhstan.

According to him, the investigation helped to identify 30 points of violations in the activities of the named airfield.

“They had to choose an airfield with simpler weather conditions, takeoff and landing. There, even takeoff was made towards some houses. By luck, the plane fell between the houses,” he explained.

According to the speaker, the director of the airfield is currently hiding from the investigation.

“The director of this LLP is now on the run. We had to send parts of the engine, the wreckage of the propeller and aircraft components to the manufacturing plants in Austria and Italy, so the investigation was slightly delayed,” Mr. Zhumasultanov added.

Recall, on August 10, 2017, the Tecnam-P2002-JF aircraft crashed near the Azem airfield when operating its training task. The pilot instructor and cadet died. The aircraft belonged to the Civil Aviation Academy.

Today, the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development announced the results of the investigation of this air crash. As it turned out, the plane fell under ascending air, with which the crew could not cope. In addition, a number of irregularities were identified in the activities of the Training Center Part-FCL.

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