Training aircraft’s air crash near Almaty: cause named

Strong wind was the main cause of the Tecnam 2002 training aircraft’s air crash near Almaty, Kazakhstan, in which the pilot instructor and the cadet died. The investigation also revealed several violations and falsifications, reported.

“The aircraft was hit by strong wind shear after take-off at low altitudes thus causing of what happened, as this fact led to a particularly dangerous situation in flight that the aircraft crew did not cope with and allowed to collide with the ground,” said Nurlan Zhumasultanov, Manager, Incidents Investigation Department, Ministry of Innovations and Infrastructure Development, Kazakhstan.

According to him, an important concomitant cause of the catastrophe included the temporary loss of engine power when climbing, that is, unstable engine operation as a result of deflection of the elevator during a dive and the creation of a negative overload.

“Other related causes included a number of violations, fraud and inconsistencies identified in the work of the Training Center Part-FCL LLP in the investigation of this accident,” he said.

The Tecnam 2002 training aircraft crashed 43 kilometers from Almaty. As a result, two people died, namely a pilot instructor and a cadet. According to the initial data provided by the Civil Aviation Committee, the aircraft crashed when operating its training task after takeoff.

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