Manas International Airport OJSC creates conditions for comfortable stay for people with disabilities at airports

The Manas International Airport OJSC is working to create the necessary conditions for comfortable stay for people with disabilities (PWD) at airports.

Orderlies carrying PWD work round-the-clock at the Manas International Airport in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, as they are entrusted with the following functions:

  • Escorting passengers with HIA and assistance in moving in the terminal building and to all airport building facilities;
  • Assisting passengers with HIA in passing pre- and post-flight formalities;
  • Assistance to air passengers with HIA during embarkation / disembarkation to / from the aircraft;
  • Transportation of seriously ill patients, stretcher patients and PWDs with limited mobility to / from the aircraft;
  • Provision of special means for the movement of passengers with disabilities in the established territory of the airport building;
  • Escort (at the request of the disabled passenger with his/her compartment) to his/her vehicle or public transport within the station square.

The airport also offers the following services for a comfortable stay of PwDs:

  • Special parking spaces in the eastern side of the parking area C – this is the parking area is the nearest one to the airport building;
  • Out-patient elevator for boarding / discharging PWDs from / to the aircraft;
  • Two elevators near the escalators in the western and eastern wings of the airport building, where handrails are provided for PWDs;
  • Three stair lifts in the sterile area for the movement of citizens with disabilities;

In order to receive orderly’s services to transport PWDs, it is necessary, when purchasing an air ticket, to notify the airline representative that you need such a help. Upon arrival at the airport, contact the staff of the Aviation Security Service (ASS), Manas International Airport, and they will send you orderlies.

Attention! Services for passengers with disabilities are free of charge at the airport.

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