When will Kyrgyz civil aviation be excluded from the EU’s black list? Kyrgyz Ministry of Transport can’t answer

This year, Kyrgyzstan is more than ever close to be excluded from the EU’s black list for airlines having a ban to operate flights to European countries. This information was announced today by Deputy Minister of Transport and Roads Zhenishbek Nogoibaev at a meeting of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan.

PM Bahadyr Suleymanov asked when the country would finally come out of the black list and start flying to Europe, bypassing Istanbul and Moscow.

“Nowadays, we can only get to Europe through these cities. Airlines of other countries earn money,” he noted.

Kurmanbek Akyshev, Director, Civil Aviation Agency, said that the ICAO’s repeated audit was held in April 2019.

“We went well through it. Now within 90 days they must give a preliminary conclusion. We will then have 45 days to comment, and in a month the final answer will come,” he said.

Mr. Suleymanov asked for a specific answer on whether the Kyrgyz Republic will come out of the blacklist in 2019.

“Turkmenistan Airlines was on this list, so a month later they were released. And how many years have we been promising?” he was indignant.

“This year we are closer than ever to exit,” Mr. Nogoibaev stressed.

“You are not even sure?” Mr. Suleymanov asked.

“The decision is not ours,” the Deputy Minister replied.

Source – https://24.kg/

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