Children’s domestic flights to be subsidized in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan’s Culture and Sport Ministry plans to subsidize free air travel for children, according to the Kazinform News Agency, Kazakhstan.

On the sidelines of the governmental meeting held on Tuesday, Minister Arystanbek Mukhamediuly informed of development of a special subsidy programme. “We are introducing into the law on tourism activities. This is a huge plus. For example, if a parent flies to rest in the country, then this is two children under 15 years old – they are provided with free air tickets,” Mr. Mukhamediuly said on the sidelines of the Government.

In his words, the programme is based on KIDS GO FREE 1+2 principle (1 parent + 2 children) which means that two children under 15 may travel free with a paying parent, given that supporting documents are provided.

He added that the programme will subsidize domestic flights only.

The Minister explained that this measure will make domestic travels more attractive. Domestic tourists remain money in the country. “That is, we conditionally subsidize KZT 1 and the state allocates to children so we save KZT 6.5. And, of course, we are interested in moving the law,” Mr. Mukhamediuly said.

As for the terms of the program’s launch, Mr. Mukhamediuly said it would take probably a month or two. “We will do our best to accelerate the programme,” he promised.

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