Russia, Uzbekistan agree to increase number of mutual flights to 160 per week

Russia and Uzbekistan will increase the number of their mutual flights to 160 per week by the summer of 2020. Agreements on this were enshrined in a protocol signed following the consultations of the aviation authorities of both countries, according to the website of the Federal Air Transport Agency (FATA – Rosaviatsia), the Russian Federation.

The number of flights between the cities of both countries will increase gradually – in the schedule for this summer there are 146 such flights per week according to the “round-trip” scheme, and their number increases up to 153 in the flight schedule for the winter of 2019/20, Fergana writes.

In total, the air route list includes 43 destinations for arrivals and departures. Most often, the airlines of the two countries will fly en route Tashkent – Moscow (21 times in 2019) and Samarkand – Moscow (14 times). Also, the parties agreed to organize direct flights between the capital of Russia and St. Petersburg, as well as with other cities of Uzbekistan including Fergana, Bukhara, Namangan, Navoi, Karshi, Termez and Urgench.

The protocol notes that the Russian side proposed to give the right to its air carriers to freely choose the frequency of flights to Uzbekistan (roundtrip air service), but Tashkent considered the consideration of this initiative to be premature. As a result, it was decided to gradually increase the number of flights on the established air routes.

At the same time, the aviation authorities agreed to grant one carrier from each country with the right to fly under the “triangle” scheme to the airports of five cities, which the parties can choose on their own. Moreover, unlike the Russians, who intend to determine their destinations later, the Uzbeks have already made their choice. Their list includes Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and Kazan. The “triangle” scheme involves the use partner’s airport for a transit stop and a further flight to a third destination. For example, a plane flying from Moscow can land in Tashkent, and the return flight will be carried out to St. Petersburg.

In addition, all restrictions on flights to Nukus and Vladivostok were lifted.

In April last year, Russia and Uzbekistan agreed to expand their air traffic between the countries more than twice. Since the summer of 2018, it was scheduled to carry out 86 flights to Uzbekistan (roundtrips). In the winter of 2018-2019, there were 105 flights, and in the summer of 2019, the number of flights will increase up to 125.

In October 2018, Uzbekistan Airways changed its base airport in Moscow from Domodedovo to Vnukovo. According to this air company, “The Vnukovo International Airport has become an ideal solution for the airline, as its location and infrastructure will fully provide passengers with a comfortable flight and service.”

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