Japan to introduce automatic check-in system

The Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan, intends to introduce face recognition technology using artificial intelligence to speed up the baggage check-in, inspection and boarding on the eve of the Summer Olympics in 2020, Trend reports with reference to RIA Novosti

The technology was developed by NEC Corp. As conceived by the developers, a passenger who allowed the image of his/her face into the database during check-in can significantly reduce the time of the baggage check-in procedure, passing control and boarding the flight using special corridors and machines that will recognize the person’s face and automatically verify his/her identity.

“With this system, there will no longer be tedious procedures before boarding, and passengers will be able to enjoy their time at the airport without stress,” the company representatives said, quoting the Kyodo News Agency.

After the introduction of the system, the only point where passengers will have to show their passports will include immigration control. The Narita International Airport will be the first one in Japan to introduce such an automatic check-in.

Source – https://www.trend.az/

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