Private helicopter crashes in mountains of Georgia

A helicopter belonging to Adjara Group crashed in Georgia. The incident occurred in a mountainous area near the village of Kazbegi.

As a result of the crash, the pilot and two passengers, employees of the company, were killed.

Details are being clarified.

Contact of the helicopter with a network owned by Energo-Pro Georgia in Kazbegi is excluded, the company said in its statement.

“There was no emergency shutdown in the distribution network of Energo-Pro Georgia JSC en route Gudauri – Kazbegi today. The supply of electricity along this network occurs freely, respectively, the touch of the aircraft with a network owned by the company, is excluded.

Energo-Pro Georgia JSC expresses its condolences in connection with the accident that occurred today in Kazbegi,” the statement said.

A helicopter of the Rooms Hotel crashed today in the village of Stepantsminda in an uninhabited place named Kanebi.

One of the versions spread on the spot, allegedly this helicopter hooked on a power line.

The helicopter that fell in Kazbegi was a US-Canadian production, and it was released in 2018, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia informed IPN agency.

According to IPN, the tragic case is being studied. To this end, David Giunashvili, CEO, Bureau for the Study of Traffic Accidents and Incidents in Civil Aviation and Maritime Transport under the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, went to the scene.

“According to the information we have at this stage, it was a BELL-505 US-Canadian helicopter produced in 2018 and registered by the Civil Aviation Agency on June 15, 2018. The helicopter underwent a thorough technical check and was driven by a very experienced pilot. Onboard, there were two more passengers, unfortunately, all three died. The helicopter is owned by Aviator + (Adjara Group),” the Civil Aviation Agency said in its statement.

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