Passenger traffic up by 19% at Georgian airports

According to the Georgian Airports Association (GAA), the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, according to the data for the Jan-May 2019 period, the airports of Georgia as a whole handled 1,912,352 passengers, which is by 19% higher than for the same period last year (in 2018 – 1,610,246 passengers).

According to the GAA, in May 2019, a high passenger growth rate was recorded at all three international airports in the country.

Thus, in May 2019, the Tbilisi International Airport handled 348,878 passengers, which is by 13% more than for the same period last year (2018 – 307,431 passengers). For Jan-May, passenger traffic increased by 12% and reached 1,485,079 served passengers (2018 – 1,327,535 passengers).

Passenger traffic at Kutaisi International Airport increased by 22% in May 2019 and amounted to 64,312 passengers (2018 – 52,631 passengers). According to data for the considering five months, Kutaisi International Airport handled 288,626 passengers, which is by 69% more than during the same period last year (2018 – 171,064 passengers).

The upward trend continues at Batumi International Airport. In May 2019, 4,491 passengers used the Batumi Alexander Kartvela International Airport. That is by 15% more than for the same period last year (2018 – 41,244 passengers). For Jan-May 2019, passenger traffic at the Batumi International Airport increased by 24% over the same period last year and reached 135,939 passengers (2018 – 109,505 passengers).

As for the airports servicing domestic flights only, the Mestia Airport handled 2,340 passengers during Jan-May 2019, which is by 28% more than for the same period last year (2018 – 1,833 passengers).

The Ambrolauri airport served 368 passengers for the considering period, which is by 19% more than for the same period last year (2018 – 308 passengers).

In general, 2,708 passengers used Georgian airports for domestic flights during the considering period, which is 26% up in comparison with the same period of the previous year (2018 – 2,142 passengers).

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