The helicopter that crashed in Georgia’s Kazbegi does not have flight recorder, but flight information can be stored in computers

The helicopter that crashed in Kazbegi, Georgia, does not have so-called black box (flight recorder) but flight information can be stored in computers, according to David Giunashvili, CEO, Civil Aviation and Maritime Transport Investigation Bureau.

According to him, it is too early to talk about the causes of this incident.

“We are now getting evidence. The rest of the details in connection with the incident will be discussed later. According to primary data, the helicopter took off from the hangar, located opposite Kobe. It was flying towards the Rooms Hotel. We are now exploring parts of this helicopter at the place where it crashed,” Mr. Giunashvili noted.

According to him, according to the law, the initial report must be submitted within 30 days, but in this case, experts will need less time.

“We will study the facts in detail before. It will be necessary to contact both the engine manufacturer and the manufacturer of the helicopter. By a joint decision, we will come to the conclusion that the public will know what happened. This aircraft does not have what is called a “black box” and a repository of information. However, based on the configuration, detailed information can be stored in electronic control computers. But without studying these details, we can’t say for sure now,” Mr. Giunashvili said.

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