American Airlines extends grounding of Boeing 737 Max fleet through September

Boeing’s global fleet of 737 MAX aircraft was grounded after two 737 MAX planes crashed within six months of each other – the first in Indonesia in October 2018 and the second in Ethiopia in March 2019, killing a combined 346 people on board both airplanes, Trend reports citing Sputnik.

American Airlines said in a statement on Sunday that it is removing its entire 737 Max fleet from its flight schedules through 3 September, later than the previously reported 19 August.

The US-based company has 24 of the planes in its fleet of more than 900 aircraft. According to the statement, a total of about 115 flights per day will be cancelled through September.

“Our Reservations and Sales teams will continue to work closely with customers who are impacted by these cancellations”, the statement read.

In May the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) hosted foreign regulators to discuss the process of clearing the 737 MAX aircraft for commercial service, but the meeting failed to produce a specific timeline.

Investigations into the deadly incidents are underway, but experts reportedly suggest the failure of the aircraft’s Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) was the reason for the crashes.

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