Rooms Hotel Kazbegi staff interrogated because of helicopter crash

As regards the recent helicopter crash case, the Mtskheta Police Headquarters organized interrogation of the Rooms Hotel Kazbegi staff.

According to the lawyer of the named company Kakha Tsereteli, five employees of this hotel are called to the police.

“They came as soon as they were called. Questions, of course, relate to the occurred incident. You know that the helicopter was based in Kazbegi and mainly served clients of the Rooms Hotel Kazbegi and in this regard we will provide information. As for the causes of this incident, everyone is waiting for the commission’s conclusion,” Mr. Tsereteli said.

The helicopter of the Aviator + company (Ajara Group) crashed in Kazbegi, Georgia., on June 6, 2019. As a result, three people died. According to the Georgia’s Civil Aviation Agency, the BELL-505 helicopter, that crashed in Kazbegi, produced jointly by the U.S. and Canada in 2018.

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