Kazakhstan’s Civil Aviation Committee explains what caused dismissal of Tota Amirova

The Civil Aviation Committee, Kazakhstan, explained the reason for the dismissal of Tota Amirova, CEO, Flight Operation Department (FOD), Civil Aviation Committee (CAC), Kazinform reports with reference to the FOD.

“The dismissal reason is concluded in the results of an official investigation of the disciplinary commission, which was triggered by an appeal to the minister’s blog on misconduct by the CEO of the Flight Operation Department of the Civil Aviation Committee, Tota Amirova. During the period of work with the ministry, the CAC repeatedly received complaints about unlawful actions and unethical statements of Tota Amirova, both from direct subordinates and subjects, and civil aviation organizations,” the statement reads.

In addition, according to the results of the CAC disciplinary commission’s investigation, Mrs. Amirova’s actions were recognized as misdemeanors discrediting the civil service, resulting in an unlawful preference for an individual in preparing and making a decision and unlawfully delaying the flight.

“In connection with this and based upon the recommendation of the CAC disciplinary commission, Tota Amirova was imposed a disciplinary penalty in the form of dismissal from the position in accordance with paragraph 6 of Article 44 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On the Civil Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan” the CAC explained.

For reference: the procedure for taking into account the delay of departures / arrivals of aircraft is governed by the rules of preparation for flights for civil and experimental aviation, approved by order of the Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 25, 2011 No. 390 and other legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On the use of the airspace of the Republic of Kazakhstan and aviation activities” establishes a list of grounds for delaying an aircraft on the ground.

In case of unreasonable delays in the departures / arrivals of aircraft, including the ones at the request or instruction of the staff of the Civil Aviation Committee, the appropriate measures provided for by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be taken against the perpetrators.

Source – http://lenta.inform.kz/

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