Turboprops, Phenom 300Es become cheaper more slowly

According to the second annual 15-year forecast for residual serial aircraft from Vref, single-engine turboprop aircraft, such as the Pilatus PC-12 and Cessna Caravan, showed the lowest level of depreciation in the industry. Both of these aircraft are expected to retain 70% of their original value in 2034.

According to Vref, most business jets will save from 15% to 50% of their original value in 15 years. But the Embraer Phenom 300E will surpass this level, and it is expected that in 2034 its price will be 68% of the original cost.

Ken Dufour, CEO, told Vref, “These data confirm the views of Vref management that the market is balanced and shows almost no signs of slowing down, regardless of the ongoing trade war with China and looming hearings on impeachment before the 2020 elections. We are still set up with cautious optimism about the new supply, projected for the period up to 2020, and so far we do not see indicators that the producers will not achieve their target indicators.”

In addition, he said: “We are seeing how many owners of aging aircraft are considering the possibility of parting with them with prospects for further investments to meet the requirements of 2020. This segment of the market has reduced average prices for many years, and it would be good if the total cost parameters of the fleet were manifested when many of these aircraft were permanently decommissioned.”

Source – http://www.bizavnews.ru/

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