Uzbekistan Airways intends to create a low cost airline in the future

We plan to create a low-cost airline, but this will require a certain time, said Umid Khusanov, first deputy general director, Uzbekistan Airways, at a press conference in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, reports.

“We started working with the World Bank and revised our low cost airline creation strategy. We are completing work on this project. The World Bank made a lot of proposals on this issue. We will create this low cost airline, but this will take some time. We need to create a low cost airline to organize both financial and production base, which will allow to effectively exploit these opportunities,” he said.

According to him, the low-cost airline is not a classic airline, there should be minimal expenses and a minimum air ticket price.

“In order to reduce the price now, it is necessary to introduce certain procedures, including amending the Air Code. For example, the low cost airline applies the practice of not returning air tickets, that is, if you paid for your air ticket, the air company will not refund this amount to you. There is a concept of unpaid baggage. We are currently engaged in making the necessary changes to the Air Code,” he said.

Mr. Khusanov also added that the air company has a vision of this issue, and in the near future it will present the direction to the public, in which the domestic low cost airline will be created.

Earlier it was reported that Air Astana, Kazakhstan, had its plans to create its own low-cost airline in Uzbekistan.

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