ICAO: Sukhumi Airport – part of the Georgian airspace

The Permanent Representative of Georgia to the ICAO once again confirmed that the organization considers the Sukhumi Airport as part of the Georgian airspace. The information was disseminated by the Georgian Foreign Ministry.

Georgian Ambassador to Canada and Permanent Representative to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Konstantin Kavtradze met with the President of the ICAO Council Olumuiva Benard Aliu, the Secretary General of the organization Fang Liu, the Director of the Air Navigation Bureau Stefan Kremer, the Director of the Directorate of Air Navigation Chris Dalton, the Director Department of Aviation Security Katalin Radu, and mission leaders accredited to the ICAO countries.

“The topic of consideration was the disseminated information according to which the occupation regime is trying to carry out international flights from occupied Abkhazia, in particular, Sukhumi airport.

The ambassador noted that such acts on the part of Russia violate the fundamental norms and principles of international law, the UN Charter, and grossly encroach on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia within its internationally recognized borders.

At the meeting, ICAO representatives noted that ICAO, as a UN entity, supports the position of the General Assembly and the International Commonwealth, and unequivocally recognizes the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia. They noted that they were well acquainted with this issue, the consideration of the political component of which is taking place within the UN framework, and the Chicago Convention and ICAO rules govern the technical and legal aspects.

In particular, they emphasized the fact that the Chicago Convention and ICAO principles prohibit member countries of the convention from taking such actions in the field of air navigation that infringe on the sovereignty of another country. At the same time, it was noted that ICAO assigned a single special code FIR (Flight Information Region) to the internationally recognized airspace, which includes Abkhazia, which cannot be changed or linked to the airspace code of another country, or its part, without the consent of Georgia. In the case of a country’s appeal, including from the Russian side, ICAO does not even consider this issue, since it is possible to change the airspace code of a country only with the consent of that country. Accordingly, no matter what code Russia assigns to Sukhumi airport, ICAO always considers it part of the Georgian airspace, “the statement said.

The Ambassador of Georgia, for his part, once again explained to members of the organization that under the Law of Georgia on the Occupied Territories, the state of Abkhazia and its airspace are subject to the rule of emergency, that is, a special legal regime that prohibits international air traffic in the occupied territories.

Konstantin Kavtaradze emphasized that due to the hostilities of 1992-93, Sukhumi airport and the corresponding airspace were closed back in 1993. According to him, Abkhazia is an integral part of Georgia, and any air traffic over this territory is subject to the consent and permission of the Georgian government. And in conditions when the region of Abkhazia is occupied by Russia, and the Georgian government cannot exercise its legitimate jurisdiction in the territory of Abkhazia, the Georgian Civil Aviation structures are deprived of the opportunity to provide flight oversight functions. In these conditions, it is impossible to ensure aviation safety.

The ambassador asked the president and secretary general of ICAO, the heads of the air navigation bureaus, and the country’s permanent representatives, to give a proper assessment of this illegal attempt by Russia, demanding respect for international law, the UN Charter, and the Chicago Convention.

Representatives of the ICAO thanked the ambassador for the information provided, and confirmed the support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia from the ICAO.

Source – https://www.apsny.ge/

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