An-2 aircraft crash details at Fakhrabad flying club become known

As a result of the crash of the An-2 aircraft in Tajikistan, one person died and one was injured. The tragedy occurred on Sunday at an aero club in Fakhrabad, Radio Ozodi was told in the Tajikistan’s Society for Army Assistance.

Abduraqib Qodirov, a spokesman for Tajikistan’s Society for Army Assistance, told Radio Ozodi on August 5, 2019 that the tragedy had occurred at about 10 a.m. According to him, after the parachutists made their jumps, the AN-2 was approaching landing. “All paratroopers landed successfully, but the engine suddenly died out at an altitude of 10 meters, causing the AN-2 to crash to the ground and catch fire,” he said.

After the crash of the plane, the pilots, namely 62-year-old Ilkhom Rakhmatov and 20-year-old Bakhtiyor Davlatatov were sent to the Khuroson district hospital. Doctors failed to save Mr. Rakhmatov and he died on the way to a medical institution, whereas Mr. Davlatov is currently under the supervision of doctors.

Mr. Qodirov noted that Tajikistan’s Society for Army Assistance has other training aircraft and those who wish can still make parachute jumps.

The State Committee for National Security of Tajikistan has launched an investigation into the crash of a training aircraft at the Fakhrabad flying club. The causes of the emergency are being investigated.

The flying club in Fakhrabad was founded in 1936 and during the Soviet period it managed to release several thousand athletes and several tens of champions.

An-2 is a Soviet light multi-purpose aircraft, which is used as an agricultural, sports, transport, passenger aircraft and is in service with the air forces of many countries. Many planes have been flying for over 40 years.

The An-2 plane, crashed in Fahrabad, was produced in 1978.

The Society for Army Assistance has three An-2s on its balance sheet. One of the Tajik paratroopers told Radio Ozodi that the aircraft never had technical problems. “Even aircraft that were launched in the 1950s of the last century are in operation today in Russia,” he noted. However, Radio Ozodi reporter, who had previously parachuted at the Fakhrabad airfield, said that before the flight, the aircraft were fixed for half an hour before the flight.

Fakhrabad flying club is located 30 kilometers south of Dushanbe. In Tajikistan, parachuting is becoming more popular from year to year.

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