Flight delay: what can passengers of Kazakhstan Airlines count on?

The Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development, Kazakhstan, talked about what Kazakhstan passengers are entitled to during flight delays in other countries, Kazinform reported.

“In accordance with clause 2 of Article 8 of the Air Traffic Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Government of the Russian Federation, the laws and regulations of the state of one contracting party governing the arrival, stay and departure from its territory of crews, passengers, baggage, cargo and mail, and in particular, formalities related to passport, customs, currency and sanitary rules will apply to crews, passengers, baggage, cargo and mail of aircraft of an airline designated by another party while they are within the said territory”, the Ministry said in response to a written request for revision.

For example, during a flight delay of a Kazakhstan airline in the territory of the Russian Federation, the legislation of the Russian Federation applies.

In accordance with Section 86 of the Law on the Use of Airspace of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Aviation Activities, when a flight is cancelled or delayed due to the fault of the air carrier, the flight is cancelled due to late arrival of the aircraft, change of the transportation air route, then the air carrier is obliged to arrange the following for passengers at the points of departure and intermediate points services:

  • providing hot meals while waiting for the departure of the flight for more than four hours and further:
  • in every six hours – in the daytime;
  • in every eight hours – at night;
  • accommodation in a hotel provided by the air carrier, while waiting for the flight to depart for more than eight hours – during the day and more than six hours – at night;
  • delivery by transport provided by the air carrier from the airport to the hotel and back in those cases when the hotel is provided at no additional charge.
  • in addition, during the delay:
  • providing (if available) a room for mother and child to a passenger with a child under the age of seven;
  • two telephone calls, including via international communication lines, lasting no more than five minutes or two e-mails when waiting for a flight to depart for more than two hours.

The services specified in this clause are provided to passengers at no additional charge.

Also, if a flight is cancelled or delayed due to the fault of the air carrier for a period of more than ten hours, the air carrier shall, at the choice of the passenger:

  • ensure the transportation of a passenger by the nearest flight to the destination indicated on the air ticket, with the provision of services in accordance with paragraph 1 of this article;
  • return the full cost of the air ticket to the passenger.

“Air carriers that have violated the requirements provided for in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article are liable in accordance with the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan on administrative offenses,” the Ministry added.

Recall, a FlyArystan aircraft scheduled to fly en route Uralsk – Almaty was delayed for 13 hours due to an additional check of the air supply control system.

After receiving information about the flight delay, according to the transportation rules, the FlyArystan ground service in Uralsk provided passengers with water, food, and also placed all the passengers who applied – 50 people – to the hotel.

Source – http://lenta.inform.kz/

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