How many flights were delayed at airports in 2019?

The Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development, Kazakhstan, told how many flights were made with an involuntary delay, Kazinform reported.

“In 2018, Kazakhstan airlines operated 85,135 flights, of these, 85.7% were scheduled. During the Jan-May 2019, 29,625 flights were operated, of these, 85.8% were scheduled,” the Ministry said in response to a written request from Kazinform.

As regards penalties for flight delays, the Ministry noted there were two cases of bringing airlines to administrative responsibility for the non-fulfillment or improper performance by the air carrier of its obligations stipulated by the Kazakh legislation on using the airspace of Kazakhstan and implementing civil aviation activities to provide services to passengers with delayed flights.

The Ministry also told about what Kazakhstan passengers are entitled to during flight delays in other countries. One was explained that during delays in flights in other countries, the laws of the host (plane) country apply.

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