AsBAA calls to develop biofuel infrastructure

The Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA) is working with its member jet fuel suppliers, namely the World Fuel Services and Air BP to raise awareness about safe aviation fuel (SAF) and the infrastructure needed in Asia to use it.

The Association plans to advocate for governments and airports to provide the necessary infrastructure for the use of renewable aviation fuel so that prices can become more attractive than traditional Jet-A1 fuels. This will ensure that Asia is aligned with global environmental development goals.

This message is in line with the Declaration of the 2017 Second Conference on Aviation and Alternative Fuels, which recognizes that “States and the industry play a major role in the deployment of SAF, and that public-private partnerships have been and will play an important role in the development of SAF.”

Zhen Dong Wu, Chairperson, AsBAA, said, “Asia is just starting to deal with environmental issues in this context. Nevertheless, Asian airports have the opportunity to confirm the viability of aviation biofuels, while airports can solve the problem of the lack of affordability and associated costs, which are the main constraints. AsBAA believes that with the right support from the government, Greater China and Southeast Asia have the opportunity to accelerate the widespread adoption of biofuels and take the initiative to bring environmentally friendly options to the market.”

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