Bombardier slightly increases its supplies

Bombardier Inc., Canada, reported on its work activities in the Q2 2019. As regards the Business Aircraft division, the company’s revenue increased by 6%, as compared to last year, and achieved US $ 1.4 billion.

35 business aircraft were delivered, including two Global 7500s. This is one more aircraft compared to the same period in 2018. Two Learjets, 17 Challengers and 16 Globals were delivered last quarter, as compared with two Learjets, 20 Challengers and 12 Globals in the Q2 2018.

Revenues from after-sales services grew by 3.6% year on year and 11% since the beginning of the year. In support of its aftermarket strategy, a new technical service station in Dubai was announced in the second quarter that will expand the company’s service capabilities in the Middle East.

When considering the Apr-Jun 2019 period, the company recorded a ratio of orders to deliveries equal to 1.2:1. At the end of the quarter, Bombardier Business Aircraft’s portfolio of orders increased by US $ 400 million, and by US $ 1 billion from the beginning of the year. According to the company, the mid-year portfolio of orders now amounts to US $ 15.3 billion in industry-leading ones.

Also in the Q2 2019, Bombardier announced an updated version of its light aircraft Learjet 75 called Liberty. The new business jet is made on the basis of Learjet 75, but with an updated interior. Two seats were removed on the plane, as a result of which Liberty can take up to six passengers. Due to this, the cabin creates a feeling of more space, as well as reduced aircraft weight.

Some standard features were removed and turned into additional options, which helped to keep the cost of the base aircraft just below US $ 10 million. The first delivery of the new LearJet 75 Liberty will take place in 2020.

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