The most popular airlines in the world named

American Airlines was the largest airline in terms of the number of passengers carried on scheduled flights in 2018, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) stated in its report.

Delta Air Lines, USA, stands the second, United Airlines – the third, and Emirates – the fourth. Southwest Airlines closes the Top-5 most popular airlines.

In addition, according to IATA, the number of passengers traveling by plane has increased. So, in 2018, global airlines transported 4.4 billion passengers, which is by 6.9 percent more than in the previous year.

In January, the Lufthansa Group was recognized as the most sought-after air company in the world, as it transported 142 million passengers in 2018, thus setting a new record. Over the past year, airlines belonging to the Lufthansa Group have completed more than a million flights in total, and the aircraft load factor has exceeded 80 percent.

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